We offer Medicaid services to the public.

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Revalidate your application or enroll to become a KMAP provider!

You can now electronically revalidate your existing application or enroll as a new provider.

Revalidate your existing application

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Newly added on the Forms page under both Beneficiary Information and Provider Information:

Insurance Premium Payment Assistance

The State of Kansas Health Insurance Premium Payment System (HIPPS) may be able to pay health insurance premiums for KMAP members and/or their families. If you know of a KMAP member that has an employer based health plan available to them, fill out this HIPPS application form and follow the directions to submit.

Insurance Information Update (TPL)

To report changes regarding KMAP member insurance coverage, including new coverage, additional beneficiaries, end-dated coverage or any other changes, fill out this form and follow the directions to submit.


Providers can access publications, interactive tools, and other helpful information.


Interactive Tools

Helpful Information

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