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KAN Be Healthy

KAN Be Healthy

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Screening Schedules
Periodicity schedules for medical, vision, hearing, and dental screening services must be provided at intervals that meet reasonable standards of medical and dental practice. The Kansas Medical Assistance Program (KMAP) developed screening standards by consulting with recognized child health care medical and dental organizations.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Reference the Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care for the periodicity schedule.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Reference the Recommended Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 0 through 18 Years for the immunization schedule.

  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Reference the Guidelines on Periodicity of Examination, Preventive Dental Services, Anticipatory Guidance/Counseling, and Treatment for Infants, Children, and Adolescents for recommendations on preventive pediatric dental care.